How to Coordinate Global Qualitative Interviews in Clinical Trials?

Tailored to various needs

In Clinigma®, the project managers and trial operations have access to the Clinigma® Portal, a first-class IT system developed specifically to handle interviews in relation to clinical trials. This enables them to closely monitor patients that are recruited to participate and to react to changes before they become risks.

Clinical sites
Patients’ participation in interviews is most often made part of a subsection in the main Informed Consent Form (ICF) and the decision to be interviewed is always voluntary. Once they sign up at randomization the patients’ study site can easily enter their contact information in the Clinigma® Portal and ensure that the interview is scheduled in due time within the agreed interview-window.

Taking patients’ perspectives, participating in a clinical trial interview, is a valuable way to express their experiences with a new trial drug and the often major changes a new treatment can have on their everyday life. Filling out PRO questionnaires is generally not as fulfilling for a trial patient as being able to express just how meaningful a change they have been through – you might say that interview data puts a human face to the PRO numbers!

Using the Clinigma® Portal to handle interviews does not only help e.g., clinical sites scheduling the patient interviews in due time, it also increases the likelihood that patients uphold their interview appointments. This is ensured aided by an automated notification system that extends timely reminders in the days up to the interview guaranteeing complete transparency which in turn allows the patient to plan ahead and know exactly when to expect the interview call.

Sponsors and CROs
Ease of access and intelligible overviews are essential components in order to succeed in coordinating 50 to 200 patients for interviews in a clinical trial. The Clinigma® Portal consequently provides the pharmaceutical companies and affiliated CROs access to overviews enabling a continuous understanding of expected timelines, interview progression, and changes. Together with Clinigma’s professional trial operations and project management, this ensures an optimal business experience from start to end.

At Clinigma®, we use our years of expertise in interviewing clinical trial patients to support pharmaceutical companies in obtaining direct patient feedback – including feedback from patients with rare diseases – to strengthen their (orphan) drug development.

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