Clinigma recognised as a Top 10 European company in providing clinical trial management solutions

We are honoured to have been awarded and recognised by Pharma Tech Outlook as one of the Top 10 European companies providing Clinical Trial Management solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

The international magazine Pharma Tech Outlook is a monthly publication and pioneer in bringing forth real-world solutions, news, products, trends, solutions, and more. Contributors to Pharma Tech Outlook are some of the most established organisations and institutions globally. These contributors regularly present their viewpoints via this print and digital platform.

In connection to the award, Clinigma® is featured in Pharma Tech Outlook’s special Clinical Trial Edition. In the article, our founder and CEO, Jens Harald Kongsoe, highlights the following main points:

  • Regulatory bodies such as FDA and EMA are encouraging players in the industry to pay more attention to the voices of the patients with their patient-focused drug development guidelines
  • There is a need for an efficient and more structured method for integrating patients’ voices into drug development
  • Providing a direct patient scheduling solution – making interview scheduling just a few clicks for the patient
  • Having standardised interview manuals – making it easy to ask patients what you, the FDA, EMA, and HTAs would like to hear

Clinigma® has been shortlisted after going through a multi-layer selection process outlined below:

1. The subscribers of Pharma Tech Outlook are requested to nominate companies that they believe are at the forefront of tackling or handling the problems in the Pharma Tech arena and whom they will recommend to their peers

2. Pharma Tech Outlook’s market research team also actively tracks best providers across Europe through various sources such as market reports, industry news, social media, surveys with potential buyers and industry events

3. The final listing is decided unanimously by the advisory panel consisting of  Pharma Tech leaders in positions such as Chief Pharma Officer, Head of Clinical Trial, etc., and members of Pharma Tech Outlook’s editorial board, who decides on the top 10 based on their own parameters and criteria.