Clinical Survey Outcomes changes name to Clinigma®

Clinigma® specializes in designing, interviewing and analyzing patient feedback on investigational drugs in clinical trials as advised by regulatory guidelines.

Copenhagen, Denmark / July 31, 2020 – The three-year-old company that is previously known under the name Clinical Survey Outcomes has announced a new company name. The new name is Clinigma®, which is equivalent to the name of the unique IT portal that has been developed by the company to ensure secure and easy collection of patient feedback in clinical trials.

“After the development of our Clinigma® portal, it has become a key asset for us as a company for which reason we have decided to expand the use of the Clinigma® name. Adding to that, we believe Clinigma® is a more suitable name for us. As I usually say about what we do – we solve the clinical enigma of investigational drugs by interviewing patients in clinical trials.” says Jens Harald Kongsø, Founder and CEO.

Clinigma® will continue its work with qualitative research and strive to bring clarity and value to pharmaceutical companies by being their trial patients’ structured voice. This is in line with the increasing importance of collecting patient-experience data within the pharma industry, which is a result of the increasing attention that regulatory bodies – led by the FDA – put on the incorporation of the patient’s voice in clinical trials.

With reference to the change of company name, Clinigma® will launch a new website, which will go live at the end of August 2020.

About Clinigma®
Clinigma® is the only research company in the world with a 100% focus on patient interviews in clinical trials. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. With its expertise, unique IT portal and a large global network of qualitative researchers (200+ researchers and 70+ different languages), Clinigma® is at the forefront of its field of interviewing patients in clinical trials.

Contact information
Jacob Petersen, Marketing
[email protected] ǀ +45 92 45 37 70