Are you properly informing your trial patients on the clinical trial results?

The importance of keeping your trial patients well-informed

True patient-centricity is not only obtaining input from trial patients – it also involves providing proper feedback to the trial patients about their participation in your clinical trial.

Patients participating in a clinical trial will often have a natural interest in knowing the trial results, knowing what medication they were on, and hearing how they performed in the trial. Furthermore, it is required that trial patients get access to the results of the trial they are participating in. Thus, when conducting a clinical trial, one should ensure to keep the trial patients informed on the clinical trial results. Yet, this can be challenging as there is a lot of rules restricting the access to trial patient information, which makes it difficult to directly follow up with the patients after their participation in a clinical trial.

The current situation is that most pharma companies simply make clinical trial results available online. However, that often takes place in the format of publications many months or even years after the trial has ended. Also, the trial results are presented in an aggregated format which does not allow the individual trial patient to find out how they performed.

Leaving the trial patients without the fundamental basic information about their participation is not being patient-centric and is not a way to thank or motivate the trial patients to participate in another clinical trial – your next clinical trial.

To overcome this challenge, you will need a solution to facilitate the transmission of information on trial patient performance and clinical trial results to the individual trial patients.

The Clinigma Portal facilitates the patient interview process and allows for easy communication between clinical sites, researchers, and trial patients
How to keep your trial patients well-informed?

At Clinigma®, we have developed a secure IT portal facilitating easy communication between clinical sites, Clinigma® researchers, and trial patients. Thus, one of the benefits of the Clinigma® Portal is that it can help you in keeping your trial patients informed after trial completion.

More specifically, the Clinigma® Portal allows the Clinigma® researchers (together with your trial data analysts) to inform patients on their individual performance and results in the trial they have participated in. Furthermore, it allows for more timely feedback to patients as they will not have to wait for the trial results to be published online. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to inform the trial patients about new upcoming clinical trials on your investigational drug.

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